Predator Class Rules


FROM the HRKC Rule Book, Section 17 & 18

PREDATOR / PREDATOR POWDER PUFF (age 13*-up, Predator – 375lbs & 425 lbs, Powder Puff – 325lbs)

Note: The spirit and intent of these rules is to provide a true budget class with an engine total value of $150 or less. Any attempt to circumvent these rules by adding a performance enhancing product, either mechanical or fuel, shall be considered as an intentionally illegal act and will result in disqualification for that race day.

Those who choose to race in this class enter with the knowledge and acceptance of the fact that this is a “Claimer” class. If your engine is claimed by another competitor, you must remove your engine and give it to the Tech Man, minus any non-claim parts; no arguments and no foul language or threats to anyone. If you cannot or will not abide by these rules, do not enter a kart in this class. Failure to surrender an engine when claimed will result in a loss of the current season’s points up to and including the date of the claim.

17.1 Minimum age is 13 years and up. Any driver who is 13 or 14-years-old MUST have a parent or legal guardian petition the board to participate. 13-year-old drivers with NO prior driving experience can petition to race in the Predator Junior class.

17.2 Engine must be run out of the box with the following modifications:

17.2.1 Engine must have a key way as installed by factory on the flywheel.

17.2.2 Oil sensor can be unplugged or removed.

17.2.3 Factory gas tank vent can be disconnected OR factory fuel tank can be removed with the addition of a top plate and fuel pump. Pump may only be pulsed through the valve cover. If engine using top plate and fuel pump, the fuel tank is to be securely mounted on floor pan.

17.2.4 Throttle stop screw may be disconnected or removed.

17.2.5 Governor may be removed, disconnected or made non-functional.

17.2.6 Air filter assembly must be 100% stock with all factory parts and pieces in use.

17.2.7 Specific Rules for Model #69730 engine – Must run stock plastic air box and foam filter. No alterations of any kind allowed to air box, this includes deburring, bead blasting, etc. Foam filter must remain seated in original position in air box and sealed by upper portion of air assembly. Tank vent tube may be disconnected and fuel cap fixed to vent. If unhooked, the hose that runs to the air box must be plugged.

17.2.8 Specific Rules for Model #60363 engine – Must run stock plastic air box with stock paper filter and foam cover. No alterations of any kind allowed to filter or air box. This includes deburring, bead blasting, etc. Tank vent tube may be disconnected and fuel cap fixed to vent. If unhooked, the hose that runs to the air box must be plugged.

17.3 Exhaust: Can be either the original stock factory muffler with no alterations allowed OR the only approved legal exhaust is a .750″ O.D. mini pipe and RLV mini muffler. The exhaust system is to be wrapped or sleeved with a heat-resistant fabric from mounting flange to muffler to reduce the risk of burns.

17.4 Clutch: Any clutch with #35 chain only. No skip gears or skip sprockets. Must have a chain guard.

17.5 Cylinder heads may NOT be interchanged between hemi and non-hemi models.

17.6 Engine Claim: The person making the claim may ONLY claim a engine that finished ahead of them in that race. Claim fee is $175.00. The person whose engine is claimed will receive the engine of the person making the claim AND $150.00. HRKC retains $25.00 of the claim fee. Claim does not including clutch, chain guard, top plate, fuel pump or other after-market accessories. The claim procedure will be same as it is for protest. (Refer to Section #4.)

Note: Predator Junior drivers will follow all rules in Section #17, plus the following:

Ages & Weights will follow the same as the other Junior classes:
Junior 1: age 7-10 , 265 lbs  FIXED GEAR : 15 tooth driver, 68 tooth rear gear
Junior 2: age 10-12, 290 lbs  FIXED GEAR : 16 tooth driver, 64 tooth rear gear
Junior 3: age 12-15, 320 lbs  FIXED GEAR : 17 tooth driver, 60 tooth rear gear

Maximum tire circumference:
34.5 inches in ALL Jr predator classes.

These items may be tech inspected at ANY point during the race day.