All races at HRKC are scored electronically, which means that in order to receive a position in the race, and receive points toward a championship, each kart must have a transponder on it. Any kart racing without a transponder, will not be scored, awarded trophies, or receive points.

HRKC would prefer that each member purchase a transponder, but we also realize that this is an expensive item and some members may not wish to pay to own their own transponder. If a member does not wish to purchase a transponder, HRKC has a limited supply of transponders which can be rented at registration, for $10.

HRKC use AMB Transponders

Members who already own a transponder can register them by sending the following info to the webmaster:

Driver Name:

Kart #

Kart Class(s):

Transponder #


Having your own transponder has several benefits.

1) These transponders are unique in nature, and can be used at tracks other than our home track.

2) The transponder comes with it’s own mounting bracket, so you don’t have to purchase one. If you only rent a transponder, you will need to purchase a mounting bracket. The cost of the bracket is $8.00.

3) There will be less confusion and a lower chance of error, since your kart will always have the same transponder, and it will only have to be entered into the scoring computer once.

4) Rented transponders will have to be assigned at each race, and may have to be removed/installed several times during a race day, to ensure that all karts have transponders.

5) HRKC has a limited number of transponders for rent.