Section 9 – Officials

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9.1 Track Officials

9.1.1 Track Officials have the responsibility of carrying out their duties to provide everyone present with a safe and equally competitive racing environment. Anyone failing to heed their direction shall be subject to action, by a Race Committee, ranging from removal from the track to expulsion from the track for a period to be determined at the sole discretion of the HRKC Race Committee. The track official positions and responsibilities are as follows:

 The Race Director shall have complete control over the activity on the track during Practices, Heat Races and Feature Races except as otherwise provided. This includes Event Protests, Race Finishes and Disqualifications.
 The Chief Flagman shall have complete charge of the karts while on the track. His flag signals are to be obeyed without exception. The Chief Flagman and/or Race Director shall conduct a Drivers Meeting for competitors to explain the flags and other pertinent information concerning the event.
 The Grid Director is responsible for line up and start of karts/kars in the grid area.
 The Technical Director oversees functions in the Technical Department area which will include: Scales, Pre-Tech Inspections, Technical Inspector, Equipment Protests and Trophy presentations.
 The Technical Inspector is our hired post-race inspector and is responsible for technical inspection of engines after Feature Races are run. The decisions reached by the Technical Inspectors are final and will be relayed to the Technical Director.