Section 11 – Kid Karts

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The primary purpose of the Kid Kart class is to serve as a training/educational process to teach and improve driving skills to beginner drivers. Kid Karts teach safety and race event procedures to children ages five (5) to seven (7) years old. Participant awards are given out and ALL will be of equal value. All participants are winners. Reference NKA Sections Sections 30.5 & 40.6 for additional information.

11.1 Chain/Gearing

11.1.1 Briggs & Stratton LO206 Kid Kart Engine: #35 chain, 17 tooth drive gear, 57 tooth rear gear. Per B&S 206 Junior rules, Jr Slide, 4500RPM coil.
11.1.2 Comer C51: #219 chain, 10 tooth drive gear, 89 tooth rear gear. Must use intake restrictor.

11.2 Chassis Requirements

11.2.1 No offset karts are allowed. Seat must not be offset beyond the outside edge of the left frame rail.
11.2.2 Wheelbase-minimum 29”, maximum 31”.
11.2.3 Width: Front, maximum 40” as measured to the outside rim/tire (no minimum). Width: Rear, minimum 39”, maximum 42” as measured to the outside rim/tire.
11.2.4 Rear bumper shall be continuous loop shaped with vertical or angled bracing connecting upper on lower loop rails so the rear tires are protected.
11.2.5 Steering height: maximum 20”
11.2.6 Seat height minimum 10”.
11.2.7 Side pods or double nerf bars are mandatory.
11.2.8 Additional return spring on the carburetor or on the foot pedal is required for additional safety.

11.3 Tires

11.3.1 Tires-Open compound, size 10 X (4.50-4.60) X 5. Maximum rear tire circumference 33.75”.