Section 13 – Predator Class Engine Rules

The PDF rulebook version can be found at:


These rules can be edited at any time as needed. There are no grey areas if these rules don’t specifically say you can than it is illegal and you can’t.

 To qualify for Predator/Ducar class, participant must be at least 15 years old.
 Engine must be running out of the box with the follow modifications: Can drill cap with max 1 hole and 3/16 bit, can disconnect throttle stop screw, can run a top plate, remote mounted tank and fuel pump.
 Governor must remain operational and be capable of a stand test with a max rpm of 5500, Track supplied tach can also be used to check at end of race. “Engine must Surge”
 The air filter assembly must be 100% stock with all factory parts and pieces in use.
 No taping or decals to cover the recoil vents.
 Open “dry” clutch only #35 chain.
 Must have a chain guard.
 No rear gear smaller than 53 or skip tooth gears.
 Engine can be claimed by any active racer or the track for $120 Regular Predator, $180 Ducar Predator not including clutch, chain guard, top plate or fuel pump.
 Claim procedure will be the same as it is for the protest.

13.2 Clutch and Gearing

13.2.1 Any clutch with #35 chain. Skip gears or sprockets are NOT permitted.
13.2.2 Reference HRKC Section 10 for class specific Gear Rules.