Section 2 – Club membership and Fees

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2.1 General

2.1.1 Cash, and Personal Checks are accepted for all fees, Credit Card acceptance may be limited, without prior notice. (Protests are Cash only)

2.1.2 If a Personal Check is returned, the competitor must pay a fee of $35.00. The returned check fee shall be paid prior to returning to an HRKC event. Persons with two returned checks shall be placed on a cash-only status.

2.2 Club Membership and Fees

2.2.1 Annual membership dues cover a one year period starting from the annual Membership Meeting, usually held in February of each year. Membership applications are available and sold at any of our
practices or race events.

 $40.00 Prior to the start of the first points race event
 $50.00 After start of first points race
A Parent/legal guardian or other responsible adult must become a member along with any member under the age of 18.

2.2.2 A birth certificate is required when registering drivers under 18 years of age so they can be placed in the appropriate age group. All minor drivers must have a copy of their birth certificate on file with

2.2.3 Club Membership is not required to race except for entry in a HRKC Pro Wing Champ Series race.

2.2.4 Participants must be an HRKC club member to receive year-end awards in a class or series and the member must have been registered for 60% of the races completed on that year’s racing schedule. Additionally, year-end awards are not awarded to drivers in a senior class if less than 3 karts were running on a regular basis (60% of the races) in that class. Year-end awards will be given to drivers in a junior class provided 2 karts ran on a regular basis in that class (60% of the races). This is to avoid giving HRKC championships to drivers who did not race against a sufficient number of competitors in their respective class during the year.

2.2.5 The Board of Directors of HRKC, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership and participation privileges from anyone, and to change the schedule of costs, schedule of events, and competition rules, as needed, in the best interests of HRKC.

2.2.6 Memberships are not transferable.

2.3 Pit Passes and Driver Registration

2.3.1 One day pit Pass prices are:

 Kids under five (5) years of age are admitted free with a paid adult
 $10.00 Ages five (5) and six (6)
 $15.00 Ages seven (7) and over

2.3.2 Driver Registration per class:

 $15.00 Members – All regular season race events; All classes
 $20.00 Non-Members – All regular season race events; All classes
 $20.00 End of season Turkey Race; Everyone