Section 5 – Protests

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5.1 Protests – General

5.1.1 A Race Committee consisting of the President, Vice President, Race Director, Technical Director, Flagman and applicable Class Representative shall review and pass judgment on all protests. The decision of the Race Committee is final.

5.1.2 EQUIPMENT PROTEST (Engine) – An equipment protest must be submitted to the technical director in writing prior to the protested and protester’s kart/kar leaving the tech area. A cash fee of $150.00 shall be paid to the Technical Director at that time. A protest may only be filed against a competitor finishing within two positions in front of them in the protester’s class. Only the kart/kar owner or competitor may file the protest. The competitor or owner being protested must leave their entry in the tech area and submit their engine for inspection which shall include removal from the kart/kar. When filing a protest, the protester shall also present their engine for inspection. If during disassembly, the protesters engine is found legal, the protested engine shall be disassembled and checked for legality. If the protested equipment is found legal, the protested individual will receive $50.00, the club will retain $100.00, and the protested competitor will retain his/her points, awards, and trophies for that race. If the protested equipment is found illegal, the protester will get $50.00 back and the club will retain $100.00. An illegal protested competitor or protester will lose all points, awards, or trophies for that race and that race event is considered non-droppable. Refusal to participate in a post-race protest inspection is considered an admission of guilt and in addition to losing all points and awards mentioned above, the competitor is subject to a $100 fine and may not compete again until the fine is paid, conduct is reviewed and decided on by the Race Committee.

5.1.3 EVENT PROTEST – Individuals may protest racing decisions made by club officials (i.e. Session removals, black flag, etc.) provided the following conditions are met:

 The protest must be in writing to the appropriate Class Representative within thirty minutes of the incident. The Class Representative shall forward the protest to the Race Director.
 The Class Representative shall review the protest with the Race Committee for resolution before the end of the race event.
 Supporting information gathered (i.e. other competitor’s testimony, audio and/or video) is not admissible as evidence of a racing violation. Audio, video, and testimonial evidence is only admissible in protests referencing HRKC Section 1.6 “Conduct and Appearance”.
 The Race Committee shall meet following receipt of the protest to review the situation. The protester and protested party shall attend the meeting to present their case. The Race Committee shall strive to ensure both sides of the issue are heard so an informed decision can be made. A vote by written ballot shall be held to determine the outcome of the decision. The decision of the Race Committee is final and shall be communicated to the protester by the close of the race event if possible. However, in some cases, the decision may be rendered later, at the soonest possible date after all facts are reviewed.