Section 7 – Flag Descriptions

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7.1 General

7.1.1 There are eight colored flags used by the flagman to control the races. They are: green, yellow, red, white, blue & yellow, checkered, black, and black with orange circle. It is the flagman’s job to relay information regarding the status of the race to the drivers by waving the various flags. It is the responsibility of the drivers to observe the flagman’s motions each time they pass by during the race.

7.2 Green Flag

7.2.1 Begin racing. When it has been determined all competitors are lined up in the proper position and the track is clear, the flagman shall wave the green flag to start the race. On caution lap restarts, the race resumes immediately once the green flag is waved. Once the green flag is shown, no entry from the grid is permitted.

7.3 Yellow Flag

7.3.1 THE YELLOW FLAG MEANS TO SLOW DOWN. Caution on the track requires a driver to slow down and hold their position. Karts/kars shall not race back to yellow flag after a caution is called. Race restart line up is ordered from the previously scored green flag lap if lap 1 is complete. Reference HRKC Section 4.7.8 for yellow / red flag scenarios during lap 1. After lap 1, any entry bringing out the yellow or red flag must restart from the rear of the field. The Track officials reserve the right to make a judgment call in all red or yellow flag conditions. The Official Yellow “full-course caution” is identified by either the track yellow caution lights and or the Flagman’s yellow flag, not the yellow flag displayed by the infield workers. The infield workers may display a “local caution” which serves to warn competitors of situations on the track that they should be aware of. Drivers do not have to slow down for these “local cautions”.
7.3.2 The caution flag will not be thrown unless a dangerous situation is created. Single vehicle spins are not cause for a caution unless a dangerous situation in created.
7.3.3 HRKC Three Spin Rule: Anyone bringing out the yellow flag for the 3rd time may receive the meatball flag at the Race Director’s discretion.

7.4 Red Flag

7.4.1 THE RED FLAG MEANS TO STOP IMMEDIATELY. Drivers must come to a complete stop in a safe and orderly manner. Drivers are to follow the instructions of the race officials. Champ Kart drivers shall remain belted in their karts unless instructed otherwise by race officials. No repairs are allowed during a red flag situation. The race is scored and restart line up is set per scoring of the last completed green flag lap.

7.5 White Flag

7.5.1 Signifies 1 lap remaining in the race.

7.6 Blue Flag with Yellow or Orange Stripe

7.6.1 Signifies competitor is about to be passed by faster vehicles and the driver must hold their current line.

7.7 Checkered Flag

7.7.1 End of the race. The checkered flag is waved when the competitor leading the race crosses the start/finish line at the completion of the last lap. The first competitor to complete the designated number of laps is declared the winner.

7.8 Black Flag

7.8.1 The driver must pull off the track immediately in a safe and cautious manner. If the flagman waves the black flag and points at a driver during the race, the driver must slow down using caution as not to interfere with the other racers and exit the track in a safe manner. Any vehicle black flagged for any reason must leave the track within two (2) laps. The driver is in last place based on the number of entries starting the race. A driver not leaving the track in the specified time is not be scored and forfeits all points for the day with the event considered as non-droppable. Any unsportsmanlike-like actions resulting from this situation may also result in suspension from the track for future events.

7.9 Black and Red Flag

7.9.1 Practice is over, proceed to the pit area.

7.10 Rolled Up Black Flag

7.10.1 The rolled up black flag warning means the officials deem the driver is driving unnecessarily rough or bumping too hard, etc. This flag is a courtesy warning, letting the competitor know that the officials saw the offenders action and the driver must refrain from further similar actions. If this flag is ignored and the driver continues to drive in this manner, the next black flag will not be rolled up. ROUGH DRIVING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND WILL BE DEALT WITH SWIFTLY!!!!

7.11 Meatball Flag

7.11.1 A Black and Orange (orange circle) mechanical flag is used when suspected equipment malfunctions exist. Competitors receiving this flag shall pull off the track to the infield and drivers may not rejoin the racing surface without permission of the Race Director or designated race official.