Section 3 – Race Program and Event Layout

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HRKC Pro Wing Champ series event times are at the discretion of the speedway Race Director. Times listed below describe a normal Sunday Kart/Kar event. Registration, inspection and race layout for “special events” shall be posted on the HRKC website.

3.1 Kart/Kar Race Event Sign-Ins

3.1.1 Registration will be open between 8:30am and 10:30am. Any driver not registered by the official registration completion time will start at the rear of the field in any qualifying events. HRKC members shall present their membership card when registering.

3.1.2 ALL Classes shall pull a pill for Qualifying order.

3.1.3 Participants arriving after Registration closes shall notify the gate guard to pay for the event and obtain their wrist band. While participants are still welcome at the event and the staff will do their best to expedite the process, the participant shall keep in mind that the racing program has started and immediate processing may not be possible. In short, be on time and respect all staff members.

3.2 Sunday Race Event Safety Tech & Pre-race Inspection

3.2.1 Safety inspections are required for all karts/kars prior to entering the racing surface. Responsibility of maintaining equipment belongs to the driver and crew . A safety tech sticker shall be placed on the kart/kar upon passing Safety Tech. Any kart/kar not possessing a safety tech sticker is not permitted on the racing surface. Driver personal safety equipment is subject to pre-tech safety inspection. The decision of the Technical Director is final.

3.2.2 Participants requiring kart and personal safety equipment check shall report to the Tech and Scale area of the pit. While the technical staff will do their best to expedite the safety tech process, once practice sessions have started, immediate processing may not be possible. In short, be on time and respect all staff members.

3.2.3 Fire Extinguishers are mandatory in every pit and are a pre-tech inspection item. They are to be in good working condition, charged, ready for use, suitable for class A, B, and C type fires. Fire extinguishers shall be visible so persons not familiar with a pit area have access to it.

3.2.4 Inspection items include but are not limited to the following:

 Frame, bumpers, nerf bars and body for visible defects which may be a safety hazard.
 Tires and wheels shall be in good condition with no apparent flaws.
 Wheel bearings shall be properly adjusted and be free of excessive play.
 Wheel weights shall not exceed ¼ oz. each.
 1 1/4″ and smaller Axles shall be safety snap ringed and wired.
 Brakes shall be in proper working condition.
 Karts/kars shall be equipped with a throttle return spring.
 All bolts shall be tight and be “double-nutted” or be safety wired.
 Engines shall be fastened tightly and exhaust pipe bolts shall be safety wired.
 Additional weights shall be added with one 5/16” bolt per five pounds and shall be cotter pinned or double-nutted, painted white, and marked with kart number. Weights greater than five pounds must be secured with a minimum of one 3/8” bolt. Individual weights added to a kart/kar shall be a maximum of ten pounds. A 1” fender washer is required to help secure the added weights.
 All safety equipment is subject to a pre-tech safety inspection. Outdated safety equipment is prohibited in both practice or competition events.

3.3 Practice

3.3.1 Class practices for Sunday events begin promptly at 10:00 am. Competitors are expected to be positioned on the grid to expedite the practice session. Class order is announced over the PA system and provided in the race day program.

3.3.2 Competitors are reminded that practice sessions are not a race. Classes with large kart/kar counts may be started at intervals or split into separate sessions to spread out competitors at the Race Director’s discretion.

3.3.3 HRKC will attempt to run two practice sessions per class. The second round of practice will start immediately after the first round of practice ends for all classes. HRKC reserves the right to run combined classes in the same age bracket with similar chassis to expedite practice sessions due to entry counts or weather forecasts at the discretion of the Race Director. (Example: JR1 Flat Kart Clone practicing with JR1 Flat Kart Predator). Combined sessions will not be run in instances where a competitor has paid an entrance fee for multiple classes in an age group.

3.3.4 Practice sessions are encouraged but are not mandatory. Competitors are not required to run practice sessions to compete in Qualifying/Heat or Feature Races.

3.3.5 HRKC Pro Wing Champ series event practice times are at the discretion of Langley Speedway’s Race Director.

3.3.6 Refer to HRKC Section 4 for General Racing Program Rules.

3.3.7 Refer to HRKC Section 10 for Class Listings and Requirements.

3.4 Drivers Meeting

3.4.1 A drivers meeting shall be held prior to the Heat Races at each race event. All drivers, crew cheifs and parents of drivers under 18 years of age must attend the drivers meeting. Missing a drivers meeting will result with the driver starting at the rear of the field. No karts/kars engines shall be operated during the drivers meeting.

3.5 Heat Race Line Up

3.5.1 Heat race line up will be determined by pill draw at the time of sign-up for all Sunday classes except for Senior Predator classes (375/425/Powder Puff).

3.5.2 Pro Wing Champ Series – Time trials are used to determine the qualifying field for the feature event. Each driver shall receive one lap after the green flag is presented. Should there be a spin or mechanical failure of the competitor’s equipment, no additional laps will be given for qualifying. The lap after the green flag is presented will be counted as the qualifying lap. The fastest qualifier starts in the pole position with the rest of the line-up set via decreasing qualifying speed.

3.6 Feature Race Line Up

3.6.1 Feature Race starting positions shall be determined by the finishing position in the Heat Race or qualifying results or pill draw as applicable.

3.7 Inclement Weather (Rainouts)

3.7.1 Rainouts work as follows and may not be used as a dropped race if points are not awarded:

Heat Races started but not completed – Board of Directors discretion to either complete the Heat Races at the next scheduled race event with the winners of rescheduled Heat Races receiving the win for the rescheduled event OR rescheduling of the entire race day event, the original Date is considered a Non-Event.
Heat Races completed but no Feature Races Completed – Race event is considered complete with points awarded based on Heat Race results.
 ALL Feature Races not completed – Race event is complete and points are awarded to winners of the Feature Races completed and to the winners of the Heat Races for Feature Races that were not completed.

Refer to NKA Refund Policy 10.5.8

Check the club’s Facebook page or website ( in the event of inclement weather.