Section 6 – Points System

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6.1 Points

6.1.1 Points are awarded based on the HRKC point structure.
6.1.2 For determination of year end awards, two points-events are dropped. Rain outs/ Non-Events cannot be used as a dropped event, See Section 3.8 for examples.
6.1.3 Competitor must be an HRKC member at the time of the race to receive points.
6.1.4 The Kid Karts, Novice and Amateur classes are participation-only classes – no points are awarded.
6.1.5 If a junior competitor moves to a higher class (See HRKC Section 1.10) during the racing season, any points earned in the former class are not be carried to the new class. However, the competitor will be awarded last place points for any events missed in the new class before the advancement for each prior race they participated in. This rule provides the competitor an opportunity to participate in year end points awards for the new class. Reference HRKC Section 2.2.4 for year-end awards.
6.1.6 Competitors receiving a black flag for unsportsmanlike conduct are deemed to have forfeited the event via the witnessed conduct and receive no points for the race and the race event is considered non-droppable.
6.1.7 Competitors who are black flagged (or “parked”) for reasons other than unsportsmanlike conduct shall receive last place points for the race and the race day may be used as one of the competitors two allowed dropped races.
6.1.8 If a competitor is unable to make the grid for the Feature Race but has taken the green flag for the Heat Race they may receive last place points for that event at the discretion of the Race Director.
6.1.9 When Heat Race results are used for awarding Feature Race points, as is the case when Feature Races are not run due to weather etc., the additional single point for winning the Heat Race shall not be awarded.

6.2 Points Schedule

6.2.1 All Classes except for HRKC Wing Champ Series:

1st Place 50 Points                         11th Place 30 Points
2nd Place 48 Points                       12th Place 28 Points
3rd Place 46 Points                        13th Place 26 Points
4th Place 44 Points                        14th Place 24 Points
5th Place 42 Points                        15th Place 22 Points
6th Place 40 Points                        16th Place 20 Points
7th Place 38 Points                         17th Place 18 Points
8th Place 36 Points
9th Place 34 Points
10th Place 32 Points   – 2 points less each additional position

*Note: 1 additional point is awarded to the Heat Race winner (pole). This does not apply in instances where only one kart/kar is running in a race event.

6.2.2 HRKC Wing Champ Series:

1st Place 26 Points 
2nd Place 25 Points 
3rd Place 24 Points
4th Place 23 Points 
5th Place 22 Points 
6th Place 21 Points 
7th Place 20 Points 
8th Place 19 Points
9th Place 18 Points
10th Place 17 Points   – 1 point less each additional position

*Note: No additional points are awarded to the Heat Race winner (pole) in the HRKC Wing Champ Series.

6.2.3 Tie-Breaking – In the event of a tie in the point total at year’s end, the tie will be broken by the driver who had the most Feature Race wins. If there are no wins or the number of wins was the same, the tie will be broken by the driver with the most Feature Race seconds, the most thirds, etc. Reference NKA Technical Manual, Section 10.5.19 for more detail regarding tie-break scenarios.