Section 12 – HRKC Pro Wing Champ Series

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12.1 Participation Requirements

12.1.1 Drivers participating in the Saturday Night Pro Wing Champ Series must be minimum age of 15 years and up. . Persons wanting to compete in this series must be HRKC members. Reference HRKC Section 2 for membership details.
12.1.2 Rookies must start in rear of the field for four races. Kart must be marked with yellow tape on the rear roll cage uprights.
12.1.3 No rough driving allowed in Champ Class. Any incident that causes damage to a kart or stops the race shall be reviewed by the race committee and may result in possible dismissal from the series.

12.2 Kart Chassis and Wing Requirements

12.2.1 Chassis must be approved by HRKC Technical Director. Cage construction must meet WKA specifications.  Karts not meeting these requirements will not be permitted to compete.
12.2.2 Tail sections are optional, and if used, shall not be used to house a fuel cell/tank.
12.2.3 Stock rear bumpers shall be rounded. “No pointed or triangular bumpers are permitted”.
12.2.4 Rear view mirrors are optional, but highly recommended.
12.2.5 Steering Wheel must be quick release steering wheel.
12.2.6 All seats must have a metal seat guard or “wolf plate” mounted between the rear brake rotor and the seat. The guard must be made of 1” or wider steel and be 1/8” thick at a minimum.
12.2.7 Kart numbers shall be placed on top of the wing facing forward, on the nose of the kart, and on the rear corner of the sides of the wing. A number plate that can be seen from the rear of the kart is required. (See HRKC Section 4.13).
12.2.8 Wing: HRKC mandates use of wing part number F/T 94 only for use in the HRKC Pro Wing Champ Series. The F/T 94 wing can be purchased directly from HRKC by contacting the Pro Wing Technical Director. No modifications to the wing are permitted. Wing must be secured by two slip pins at the rear. Slip pins are required for safety; NO solid bolting at the rear.
12.2.9 The minimum stationary angle of the wing is 15 degrees. The wing cannot be mounted further forward than 3 inches from the vertical plane extending up from the back side of the rear axle. Minimum height shall be no less than 30 inches measured at the right front corner of the wing. Wing shall be kept in good condition. Damaged sections shall be replaced.
12.2.10 Sprint Car window net is mandatory. Attached from the left rear roll cage down bar to the left front roll cage down bar. (SFI 27.1 approved, with in date and legible tag)
12.2.11 Headrests or “halo” type head support devices, such as those used on the LaJoie racing seat, are optional on the Wing Champ karts.

12.3 Engines

12.3.1 Engine: per Briggs and Stratton racing LO206 National rules, most current publication found: . It is highly recommended that all fuel tanks be equipped with a rollover check valve fuel cap. The fuel tank is to be securely mounted, on the floor pan.
12.3.2 Exceptions to rule 12.3.1: Clutch is open with #35 chain, Briggs Racing Section 32 does not apply. The muffler specified in Briggs Racing Section 35 may be used, or it may be substituted by a Robertson Torque Tube Clamp-on-Flare.
12.3.3 Fuel and Oil are subject to test for at any time. No additives allowed.
12.3.4 The club reserves the right to further institute engine rule changes during the racing season in the interest of safety.

12.4 Safety Equipment

12.4.1 All drivers must wear SFI approved shoes and gloves in good repair. Driver’s Suit Must be SFI 3.2A1 rated or better. This is a fire resistant one or two piece suit. Arm restraints, 5-point harness, SFI 38.1 approved head & neck restraint system dated no more than 5 years old are required. Helmets meeting Snell 2010 or 2015 (or 2020 as they become available) SA rated or M Rated with a Nomex Balaclava are required.
12.4.2 Belts and Harnesses

 All belts and harnesses shall be of the 5-point type and meet current SFI requirements. A quick release lap belt is required.
 Belts/harnesses may be either 2 inches or 3 inches wide.
Belts/harnesses expiration tags must be as installed by the manufacturer, legible, in date, and in overall good repair.
 Arm restraints are required and shall be attached into the quick release seat belts. Arm restraints may not be attached to the steering shaft.
 Shoulder harness must come from behind the driver’s seat. Inertia reels are not permitted.
 Both ends of the lap belt must be fastened to the roll cage with grade 8 bolts not less than 3/8” in diameter.
 Elbow pads are mandatory. Pads are a tech item and may result in disqualification.

12.4.3 A clutch protection plate is mandatory. An aluminum plate, 6”x6”x 3/16” minimum shall be attached to the right side of the seat, centered on the crankshaft.
12.4.4 Pro Wing Champ drivers are required to wear a RACEceiver one-way radio anytime they are on the racing surface during the feature race. RACEceivers are provided by the HRKC, the driver is responsible for providing their own ear buds. A set of ear buds can be purchased from HRKC. Drivers are responsible for RACEceivers that are lost or damaged.

12.5 Tires

12.5.1 Tires must be Burris SS-55, B-55-A, M-15-A or B, or Dunlop DCS, DDS series tires.

12.6 Racing Event Rules and Procedures

12.6.1 Even though the Pro Wing Champ series runs primarily with the Langley Speedway program, the series is still part of HRKC and will use the two (2) dropped races rule as specified in Section 6.1.2. Each competitor may drop their two worst points events from the year when determining year-end results. Rainouts cannot be used as a dropped event.
12.6.2 Feature starting positions are determined by the qualifying results or if qualifying does not take place, the feature starting order shall be determined by current season points order except for the first race of the year where a pill draw will be used.
12.6.3 THIRTY (30) kart maximum field size.
12.6.4 If thirty-one (31) or more karts show up for a race, the top twenty (20) shall be locked in by their qualifying time. Karts qualifying from twenty-first (21) back will run a TEN (10) lap Heat Race. Heat Race starting order shall be set by qualifying time. Finishing order from the Heat Race will determine starting positions twenty-one thru thirty (21-30) for the Feature Race. Those karts not making the Feature Race will receive one (1) point like those who finish twenty-sixth (26) and back in the Feature Race.
12.6.5 Champ Kart drivers shall remain belted in their karts any time they are on the racing surface unless otherwise instructed by race officials. No repairs or adjustments to the kart are permitted during a red flag condition.
12.6.6 The HRKC Pro Wing Champ series event, line-up and grid staging area is at the discretion and direction of the Pro Wing Tech Director. All work on karts shall cease and all equipment and kart stands/buggies shall be removed from the racing surface when competitors are directed to belt in and conduct RACEceiver checks, regardless as to where the karts are staged.